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Stowage Cages & Shelf for Defender (STC / STS)

Originally designed by Mantec for the Land Rover G4 Challenge, these cages and shelves are recommended for stowing luggage, tools, camping or sports equipment in the rear of your Defender.

The Stowage Cages convert the inner wheel arches into a storage area to 28cm high.
A shelf area can be created with an optional pair of shelves - designed to allow the use of strapping to secure the load.
When used in conjunction with a Dog Guard and Mantec Internal Window Guards you can effectively build a stowage area in the rear of a Defender Station Wagon or Utility.

If the wheel arch boxes have a flat section towards the centre of the vehicle, then drop down in a slope then you will require Part No 421-STCDEF

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Product Lines
421-STCDEFStowage Cages for inner wing arches Post 07-
422-STSDEFStowage Cage Shelf-
423-ULLDEFUpper Load Lugga - Defender-
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